Snow Owl
Snow Owl

Hi, My name is Novel. This website is dedicated to my father, Satnley, who passed away in May, 2014. He was a man of many strengths and a few weaknesses but most of all, he was loving. I remember him fondly.

I am an amateur photographer from Canada. In 2007 I underwent a major medical surgery that compromised my life in a very serious way. So I picked up a camera for the first time in my life at the age of 35. Experimenting with day to day objects, flowers, bugs and insects around the house gave me a great joy and diverted my mind from what had gone wrong with my health. I love this hobby.

The photos were mainly shot in India, Canada, Middle East (Bahrain & Qatar) and the United States of America.

All of the photos used here are available for free. You may use the photos in both personal & business projects. You may not sell nor distribute.

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